Year : 1965
Publisher : Sahitya Bhandara, Bengaluru
Reprints : 21

Translated into Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu and Punjabi

Spanning three generations and varied nuances of thought and feeling, Vamshavriksha portrays the moral dilemmas that erupt in a small tradition-bound town in Karnataka when long established social patterns are questioned in the name of individual fulfilment. At the vortex of this upheaval is Katyayani who transgresses the taboos associated with widow remarriage, jeopardising her relationship with her son and linking together the destiny of two emotionally scarred families that are striving to preserve their integrity and their lineage. Vamshavriksha is a sensitive exploration of love and loss, tragedy and triumph and is interwoven with spiritual, historical and cultural insights. The film version of this much-acclaimed novel won the prestigious Swarnakamal award.

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